The Dangers of Being A Roofer.

B & H Construction – Flat Commercial & Metal Roofing Baton Rouge tells about roofing jobs have high risks, which means that roofers have a higher risk of being injured or killed in an accident than workers in other occupations, such as people working in the roofing industry. Downfalls can cause serious injury and death.

Apart from falls, there are many other dangers facing workers in the roofing industry. Every person who works as a roofer must be adequately trained. Employers must ensure that roofers are fully trained for the tasks they need to perform. If you have been injured while working as a roofer at work and your employer is held responsible for your injuries, you can file a claim for damages.

Common types of roof accidents

There are numerous types of roof accidents for which an employment injury claim can be made. Here are some of the most important types.

Burns and scalds

For roof work, workers typically use blowpipes, compressed gas, bitumen or torch burners. All these things can cause burns and scalds if the workers are not trained enough to use them safely. In addition, burns and scalds can occur if workers do not have suitable personal protective equipment such as protective gloves, goggles, long sleeve clothing, long pants, and protective boots.

Being hit by falling objects

Roofers can also be injured by objects from above. When working at height, it is important that workers have suitable slips and receive a safe means of transport for materials from the floor to the roof and vice versa. In such cases, they must also be equipped with personal protective equipment such as safety boots and safety helmets.

Manual handling and lifting of accidents

Depending on the type of work performed, it may be necessary for roofers to lift, transport or transport heavy items, tools and equipment to the roof. Manual handling and heavy lifting operations can be dangerous, and if not carried out correctly can cause accidents and injuries. If you need to perform such tasks, you must be fully trained and equipped with the right equipment or mechanical support. If you do not, your employer will be liable for your injuries.

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